GIMP For Mac

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┬áIf you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative for your Macintosh, look no more – GIMP does the trick. GIMP for Mac allows you to manipulate, edit and customize virtually every aspect of an image. This easy to use, simple image editor software is available for free – editing pictures in Mac just got a whole lot easier! Let’s dive right in to the photo tweaking and editing realm with Gimp – lots of things to learn, we hope you find our resources useful!

Download GIMP For Mac

GIMP for Mac lets you add special effects, tweak image size, change image format, add or remove layers, make transparent background, invert colors and the list goes on and on. GIMP is a must have image editor, especially for a Mac lover! Basically, GIMP is a “lighter” version of Photoshop in terms of functionalities and properties. While you can indeed tweak and manipulate images to your liking, the user interface is extremely easy to use and friendly, unlike it’s older cousin. In fact, you can become a GIMP pro in a matter of hours through watching YouTube videos on how to use GIMP like a boss.

What’s so Special about GIMP?

For starters, as mentioned above, it’s a deadly software which can pretty much manipulate and edit any photo to any extent. The real beauty of it, however, is the fact that it’s so lightweight in terms of operating it and disk space. You can actually have it installed on your system in less than 5 minuets and start working on projects right away, versus more heavy programs with similar yield. Bottom line? Give GIMP for Mac a fair shot. Just try it for several days and rest assured you’ll be pleased in every possible aspect. Browse through our articles and online resources to better understand GIMP and how to use it properly.